The Peoples & Montedelma


The winery name derives from the Monte Delma, a small mountain – the first you meet coming from the Po plain – dividing Passirano from Monticelli Brusati.

Valenzano is a village at the foot of the mountain, one of the historical places in Franciacorta: Medieval hamlet in th eyear one thousand onthe road to Brescia, where they found the boundary stone showing that the town was 12 miles far from here.

The Berardi family chose this place boasting a rich history and a strategic position , with a perfect south exposure of its slopes, to establish their winery in Franciacorta, with vineyeards and cellar. The Berardis had a winery in Val Sabbia already in 1920, then they moved to Molinetto di Mazzano, near Brescia, where they built a modern and rational cellar. Even though producing Franciacorta already at the beginning of the Eighties, they decided to establish a new vinery destined to quality wines, starting from the vineyard and following every step of production. Thus they chose an environmental-friendly policy against parasites and cryptogamic illnesses. The cellar is wholly underground and temperature-controlled. Here tecnology is everywhere, but it is an intelligent tecnology, necessary to help man so that to interfere as little as possible in the processes of wine-making and refining, while evaluating the quality assets of the raw material. The winery is at present managed by Angelo, Clodomiro and Armando Berardi brothers with their sons Paolo and Piero. piero consecrates himself heartily to the magic of Franciacorta sparkles.

Piero Berardi

Berardi Family

Armando (left) and Clodomiro Berardi photographed in front of an old corking machine in the cellar of the family winery.

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